Engineered & Reclaimed Wood Flooring Specialists

Dutch-Floors are specialists in luxurious looking wooden floors. Powered by high quality products, advanced technologies, an abundance of knowledge and a dedicated, ambitious workforce. We have an enormous range of high quality products and a wealth of experience and expertise. We are dedicated to our goal of offering a vast range of quality hardwood and wood products at exceptional prices, all provided with excellent customer service.


Engineered boards consists of 12/15 mm water resistant birch plywood with a 3/5 mm solid european oak top layer.


DuoPlank Oak Canyon is a rustic and heavy brushed wood flooring. It consists of 4 mm solid european oak top layer and 11 mm plywood base and is perfect for both private and project use.


Duo Plank recycled oak. It consists of 12mm of water resistant of birch ply and 5mm top layer of reclaimed wood with surface treatment sawn and brushed.


Tropical Hardwoods shall mean any and all hardwood scientifically classified as angiosperm. Tropical Hardwoods originate from three main continents of Africa (West and Central), Asia and South America. In general tropical forests have more kinds of tree species than any other forest types in the world, around 2,500 species in total. Comparing all the tropical regions of the world the Amazon forests are the richest in plant species with more than one third of all species in the world living in the Amazon.


The Versailles Panels is made up of carefully assembled wooden panels. These oak panels take their name from the “Chateau de Versailles” for which the motif was created to replace marble floors in the castle with that pattern.


Wood bricks is a unique system of wall and ceiling decoration, that consist of wood brick veneer in a variety of sizes, shape, colours and mortar line material (in different colours) that allows an endless number of decorative combinations of patterns and colour combining the look of brick with the warmth of wood.

The examples below are just a small sample of the many projects we continue to be incredibly proud of. If you would like to have a similar looking floor why not have a look through our high quality product listings. Or if you have a question regarding any of the examples below feel free to contact us for more information.



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