About Us

My relationship with timber began in 1994 when I started buying and selling wood. In the beginning I purchased the majority of my wood directly from the forest as raw lumber and used a Belgium sawmill to cut the wood into planks for the flooring industry.

I then progressed to selling the finished product of solid wood flooring for a Belgium company for almost 8 years. During my peak periods I sold approximately 1000 m2 a week of American White Oak to the Netherlands.


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I then started my own business in sales and finishing.  I also learnt the art of finishing by hand, including distressing, smoking, brushing, staining and oiling and how those finishes react to different species of raw timber which has proved invaluable to my customers.

Following on from working with several Dutch flooring manufactures as an independent agent I have decided to use my wealth of knowledge and experience to form a new company named as Dutch-Floors.